We know Early Toddlers are on the move and love to explore new things through play.

With our newest walkers, we provide appropriate equipment to help with gross motor skills and movement. Our toddler classrooms are designed with stimulating age appropriate toys, books, and sensory manipulatives for children to safely explore the secure environment. Our teachers pay close attention to all aspects of your child’s development and create engaging activities for each toddler. The daily routine includes learning and practicing the techniques of cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. At Merit, our toddler teachers model the kind and loving behaviors that promote a positive environment.

The Program

Our Toddlers Program Includes:

  • Daily electronic reports
  • Weekly lesson plans
  • Second Step - Educational Character Development Curriculum (Social and Emotional Skills, problem solving, kindness)
  • Spanish Curriculum (Sonrisas)
  • Sign language (Sign 2 Me)
  • Mathematics
  • Zoo-phonics
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Music
  • Art
  • Cultural Understanding- People around the World
  • Sensory hands on activities
  • SPARK Physical Education
  • Potty Training (age appropriate)

The Classroom

Our Toddler Classroom Provides:

  • Individual cubbies
  • Individual cots
  • Developmental learning centers (Sensory, Dramatic Play, Art, Reading, and Manipulative).
  • Diaper changing area and restrooms
  • Quiet library area

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